義大利品牌Souvenir,以女性為出發點. 觀察女性的一舉一動,以此作為服裝設計的概念.穿著Souvenir的衣服, 坐在酒吧的桌子旁或辦公桌後面, 她們的服飾端莊不失禮態,優雅但不誇張的風格,Souvenir的服飾對每個女人的女性魅力瞭若指掌。


All the women who choose Souvenir garments walk down this path. They are the women who pass beside you on the street, the women you see sitting at a table in the bar or behind an office desk.They dress in a sober but not minimal, elegant but not ostentatious manner, with a keen eye to the tiniest detail.

In Souvenir’s long journey all these people move together, indispensable to each other.

That is how Souvenir has become a family, your family.