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Roberta Biagi

時尚、精緻、時髦、活力,這些字眼足以描述Roberta Biagi,由一對兄弟,所創立的花樣品牌,他們對於時尚有敏感的嗅覺,藉由生活的靈感,不斷推陳出新,每一季的服飾包含它的故事,它的價值,多樣化的系列,從休閒風至禮服,陳述著他們對服飾的尊重.Roberta Biagi的Casual服飾,不失優雅,舒適度也在好不過。Roberta Biagi 的洋裝套裝,它有點叛逆,但它完全能顯示出女性的性感與活力!!

The Roberta Biagi group was founded in 2009 by the will of Gianluca brothers, Charles and Roberta Vorzillo.At the base of each goal there is passion; passion for fashion, that Vorzillo Brothers was instilled into their company, transforming it, in a few years, from small entrepreneurial reality rooted in a structure of the first order in the commercialization and manufacture of products in choosing the best materials, cutting-edge in style, balance, simplicity and sophistication create the collections Roberta Biagi..