Dixie 成立於佛羅倫斯在1980年代左右創立,受到快速時尚風潮影響,每周推陳出新, Dixie成了義大利快速時尚的指標。時尚設計、細緻的材質,款式更讓人目不轉睛。憑著快速時尚的力量,Dixie的風格,展現出不同的個性魅力。

Established in Florence at the end of the 80’s by Massimo Frosini, Dixie entered the market with a rapid and innovative business approach, a so-called fast fashion, which offers total look solutions to real, fashionable women aged 25- 45 who are eager to find their own personal style. Dixie makes an exclusively “Made in Italy” on- site production, resulting into highly customized products, in line with the market requests and the promptness which is essential in the “ready to wear” sector.