義大利新興品牌,融合多種風格的BERNA,以多變的設計闖蕩時裝市場,風格有BON TON(時尚),PUNK ROCK(龐克),HIPPE(嬉皮),MILITARY(軍風),VINTAGE(復古),ETNICO(民族),STREET STYLE(街頭),BOHO-CHIC(波西米亞),這些元素造成BERNA在義大利快速竄紅.一樣是MADE IN ITALY的精神,以”週”單位進行新風格變換,他們對時尚積極的態度,實在令人讚賞.


 BERNA, that ‘the chance’ to offer our customers quality ‘and exclusivity’. Thanks to the cooperation with some large groups, both Italian and foreign we can be on the market with BERNA young dynamic and professional. We produce clothing and accessories for men and women by addressing to a young, trendy clientele. Fit ‘, comfort and quality’ are combined with the actuality ‘of revamped models week to week. We offer every season a trend collection always up to date by keeping constantly updated basic items.