With over 20 years’ experience in clothing business, Jin Shi Dan has grown from the beginning of a small outlet, wholesaler to the international agent nowadays. Our brands spread across continents over the years, with previously brands from Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.  Ever since summer 2015, Jin Shi Dan’s merchandise has been mostly originated from Europe.  We strive by accepting challenges, constantly reforming and innovating in this fast pace industry. Our passion in clothing pushes us to provide our customers with exclusive merchandise throughout the years.In building strong relationships with our clients,which no doubt helping us to strengthen our position in the fashion industry.

Our approach:


We always enjoy in sharing beautiful things with people, as much as we enjoyed in disrupting the border limitation on fashion space since Day One. By prioritizing quality, material and price of our products, we strive to deliver the most delicate items to people. Ranging from innerwear, sleepwear, daily wear to lifestyle products, Jin Shi Dan has been pioneering in the search of originality. While setting up high bar on our quality requirement, we believe that constantly looking to change is the key for “long lasting business”. As of today, Jin Shi Dan has been cooperated with several outlets all across Taiwan, bringing lively fashion elements to this Treasure Island in oriental world. We are looking forward to establish partnership with anyone who shares the same vision with us in the near future.